Why should you do job in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is the hub of petroleum. Country is flooded almost entirely by the production and distribution of petroleum and its derivative products. It has more than 20% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves, which makes it the largest exporter of petroleum. Economic reforms proceed cautiously because of political influence and commitment to social values. Saudi Arabia’s main trading partners are USA, Japan and Western Europe and it imports machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, motor vehicles and textiles from there.

If you are looking to save more money, then Saudi Arabia is the best place to work. You can also spend lot of money in Saudi Arabia, not on liquor. Beware alcohol is illegal in the country. You can spend it on video games, or you can buy some stuff.

Advantages of working in Saudi Arabia;

  1. You Will Save Tons Of Money

Saudi Arabia is a place where you cannot spend much except for restaurants and technology due to its entertainment lag that will force you to stop spending.

  1. You Pay No Taxes

You heard it right. For an expat who is working in Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to pay taxes only 2% of your total wages include of social security system you may have to pay. Most of the countries do not tax their citizens if they are working abroad except for U.S., that’s why most of earnings will go straight to your savings.

  1. Housing And Car Allowance

There is also another plus point to work in Saudi Arabia as they provide expats with housing and transportation allowances. So taking Tenders in Saudi Arabia or just working there, your accommodations will typically be free. Some companies do offer transportation to and from your work. Not many countries offer this kind of package.

  1. Free Ticket

Another plus point of working there, they do provide free round-trip airfare you get back to your home country. You will get one ticket every year, and here is good news if you are a good negotiator and have significant experience in your sector, you can have two or even three free tickets every year. If they hire you as a family, they will give your entire family free airfare.

It is true that working and living in Saudi Arabia is not very easy but for some it is a determination for life. It is all about the fact how you behave with people and what you do there that will make your career to whole new level.


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